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Poem Adrift (in Perilous Seas)

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I was feeding the sperm whale, and almost got sucked under.
Quite a vortex... (and I know my way around the blowhole)

It seems I left my telescope in the crow's nest...
Well, I suppose I gotta climb the rigging at some point.

"Ahoy, mates!" (Did I mention I'm a pirate now?)
I suggest we board her immediately... "Fire a shot across her bow!"

I've got an iron ball to load, and a short fuse to go with it.
Anxious to plunder -- haven't seen a good flogging in weeks.

"Thar she blows!" cries the parrot. "Her aft is gaping!"
And there's plenty more harpoons where that came from.

So get down below, you wench. Drink all the rum you need...
But don't forget to call me "Captain."

"Permission to batten down the hatches, sir?"
Aye, mate... And hoist the flag.

Moby Dick is restless tonight.

-Marc Weber (