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Limbo swings in summer hummers

Posted to Action Poetry

Gold coin donations
to feel the vibrations
of the annual summer hummer

Well knowns on da stage
Singin about love like a sage
A twenty first version of free love festivals

I as per usual, entertain the many kids
Lets have a race, woops skids!
Lookin up I see, out of all in the crowd

Mr magic airwaves man
Sitting by himself, a fan
Of the hermit life,

shy, he looks away
But eyes wander back my way
He holds magic dust, in his sign

Feeling very strange
my life is in rearrange
Magic to do anew

The old dwelling
I am selling
for the asked price

I thought I was meant to stay
working hard everyday
Something lurks around the corner

I caught glimpses of me
In the shadows, waiting to be
Peeking out from under my hat

I wonder what is happening next
What it is I don't wanna guess
Lets just wait and see

Swing concert,tomorrow night
Old 80's guy, gotta see him right
A date with Jazz, and silver sports car

Things are shifting moving
Magic love is always grooving
To the peace and love thang.