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My first day.....

Posted to Action Poetry

Arrive, tired and wobbly
The kiddies are grizzling
I'm only half listening to all
the instructions given

My body doing weird things
The littlies see what is really me
A wailing baby is hushed, in seconds
With a smile, a wink and angel wings

Fifteen children trying to eat
Stick to the program of protocol
But bodies twist in their seats

Eyes turning to me, faerie eyes
anicient eyes, eyes of wonder
when they look behind me.
Why should they have to eat their crusts?

Ok, I deal with the adults, quiet
The boring stuff outta the way
feeling a bit akward,
as you do on the first day

Ahh finally, I can get to the kids
Story time!....I can remember all their names
"what kind of monster noise can YOU make?"
"aaarghhh that's scarey!"

Ironic I choose a story
about a mum, who's just a bit different
Witch, some call her,
And the adults don't want to know

All the kids adore her
For she just lets them be
And finally the adults agree
But only when she saves the day, with magic

The sound of laughter
echoing thru the place
That to me, feels like a baby factory
"we don't do that at Good Beginnings"

The kids got told off
for being crocodiles
I was gonna own up, but
I'm still unsure of the rules

"the troublemaker" (4)
Drove the aeroplane,
and told me to be quiet
around the tigers cage

Jeremy, wee child
Sat upon my knee
as we flew off, to a nice island,
with trees,and burger king

Jordon, the little pet
Dragging my hand
down to the sand, to watch the volcano

The adults, I notice
must stick to protocol
and sit around getting grumpy
"Ignore that one, shes a brat"

One woman read a story
with no enthusiam at all
and some of the words spat out
This one is the worst of all

Ahhh, never mind, little ones
For three hours a week
You can be you with me,
Just as long as the bag doesn't see

I don't like adults much
They forgot about magic
So at Good Beginnings Childcare
The children, can be aware

That not all adults
Only those, who
were told, not to be a crocodile