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i wanted to re-post this...

Posted to Action Poetry

slender fingertips
make nonchalant gestures
as walking down the street i notice her
with red scarve and too many cares
her sweater delicately hides her curves
from prying eyes and lusting minds like mine

that mind which fitfully moves
bounces never-ending
from idea to idea
by influence and affluence
"you have a knack for being non-linear"
was a great compliment
by a friend who's almost dead

and faced with death i starve myself
wanting too much at once
not knowing enough at many
opportunities to speak pass me up
or i pass them up?
either way i silently wait
to go and write it all down
thus never making myself noticeable
but i still am always noticed

the pen, now keyboard, is what i love
and the surfaces i write on
whether screen or paper,
canvas or cardboard,
i apologize in advance
for not being able to completely erase
all the wrong things i've been taught...

*and point out the last three lines