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Red Mary

Posted to Poetry

The girl with the pouty red sports car mouth
Who works behind the counter of Jitter's Java
Has strawberry roots chasing down the curls of her
Bottle blonde hair and
I love her
When she yawns my cheeks become two
Warm tomatoes and
I forget the day-the month-the season
Cause its always Fall when she's around
Leaves trade their green meat for red paper
She is uncommon
Shuffling in her converse one stars
The color of Coke cans
Her nailpolish chips from rag water in patterns
Like cartoon flames
The ones that spray out of the ears of Yosimite Sam
When he drinks a ladel of water that Bugs has spiked with
A generous pour of Chile Powder and hops on his heels to a
Coral and dunks his head
She dunks her hand in rinse water and wipes the same spot
Over again
Mary cuts my hair in her bathroom mirror with rusty scissors
We found in her storm shed
She tries her hand at apologies
"I look like Billy Idol" I gasp
"You can always rock my cradle" she quips back
And I forgive her
Tying a crimson scarf around my head
The summer sun hemorages behind the hills at sunset
She gets off work in fifteen minutes
And I'll be there