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without knowing you

Posted to Action Poetry

there are words written for us blatantly on the walls of our space written by someone so beautiful that we can't even see it written here and written there with wide black marker and we forget to look forget how to read become illiterate in the ways of who that person is and how they see us walking into a room inexplicable light coming from our hair and hands and hearts and that person god that person sees us but we never see them and then kill them softly by writing what about me what about me and they stand there waving at us with their roses and candies and hearts and wishes saying i'm here why can't you see me and we walk right past sad because no one ever sings to us no one ever writes to us but behind your right back there you missed it.

and then there's silence.

because someone waved their way and took their hand and ate their candy and smelled their roses and now you're nothing but a distant memory of something beautiful that could never see how fucking amazing those roses were.