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...thinking in the Jungian sense:

The shadow is what we're taught
When asked "Who are you?"
To say we're not

Enter the gallery of repression
With statues dedicated
To both ego transcendence
And pre-egoic regression

We have inside
Both monsterous fiends
Devourers of flesh and bone
Banished to the realm of nightmares
Where they make they're home
But through subconcious impulses
They make their prescence known
And won't leave us alone
If we knew the truth
It'd chill us to the bone

But on the other hand
The higher being stands
With glowing eyes
Of bright radiant light
Which reaches our attention
When we soar to new heights
In our experience of essence
And sensations we find pleasant

And there are shades in between
And their relation is more complex
Than two opposing teams
In the realm of the psyche
There are not clearly defined seams
When these archtypes flood our dreams

But do these appear the same to all
When we rise
And when we fall?
How much is shared
And when compared
what varies
between the images our minds carry