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Rub Out The Word

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Man has sold his soul for time, language, tools, weapons, and dominance. And to make sure he doesn't get out of line, these invaders keep an occupying garrison in his nondominant brain hemisphere. How else to explain anything as biologically disadvantageous as a weak hand? They gave with one hand and took with the other. Fifty-fifty. What could be fairer than that? Almost anything.

So it seems likely that the distinguishing factors, language and weak hand are related. It seems unlikely that language was designed solely to convey information.

A rift is built into the human organism, the rift or cleft between the two hemispheres, so any attempt at synthesis must remain unrealizable in human terms ... It would seem that merging the two is not viable, and one is tempted to say, as Brion Gysin did, ''Rub out the word".

But perhaps 'rub' is the wrong word. The formula is quite simple: reverse the magnetic field so that, instead of being welded together, the two halves repel each other like opposing magnets. This could be a road to final liberation, as it were, a final solution to the language problem, from which all human 'problems' stem.