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I know this probably should be being posted in the "Other lit. sites" board, but I figured that needs as much involvement as possible. And as this seems to be the most active board, I thought it might be alright to post it here? If I'm in the wrong, I hope everyone forgives me and won't bitch if the message is deleted. I know advertisements of any sort can be a pain in the ass if that's not what the message board is made for.

BUT ANYWAY... I found this site,
The search enginge description called it an open content encyclopedia.
and ran a few searches on a couple of things and found decent articles for some of them, but no results for others. By becoming a member of this site (it's free), you can submit articles. I know that a lot of people here like to write and thought this might be a chance to excersise the joy. I think with more involvement it can grow into a VERY resourceful site. I think people should use it, and if they don't find what their looking for there, learn about it elsewhere and when you do, write up an article. :)