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much ado about neighbors

Posted to Poetry

-i was out in the lawn on a cold day
a dry day
but september had gone
and october gave way to a cooler climate.

i wasnt enjoying the weather
i wasnt out to greet the new day
i wasnt viewing the world as it was.
i was out, taking the trash to the corner
-underdressed, unimpressed with how the day was seeming to be blessed.
and as i tossed my Gladbag
as i tossed away my beer cans, pizza boxes,
loads of newspapers
through the corner of my eye i saw my neighbor.
-shortpants too short,
from another era.
his bald head reflected the clouds.
he tossed his trash to the curb.
Smoke, smoke smokeeee

i looked at him,
he at i.
bewildered i was,
content he was.
he had an explanation
from his lips he said
"my son musta made another bomb and threw it away"