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this machine kills facism

Posted to Poetry

curse this lack of vision
in my eyes
i awoke today,
that was rather a suprise
after last night
after our fight
i didnt think id be able to see the light
of another day
of another day

blowing smoke in someones face
isnt the way to learn their name
theyd probably rather be left alone
but isolationism cause WWII
rather it be me instead of you.

and when im drunk, i just keep drinking through the night
and when youre gone, you know i dont feel right.
i know i forgot your name.
i called you lisa when youre named Pam.
but is that any reason, to run and leave your man?
and should i
even give a damn?

well hows the city lights,
in downtown Austin?
are they treating you well, are you beginning to blosom?
are you seeing things, people, and ideas,
that i tried to tell you about
in the past years.
ohhh, dont you understand?
where we're all headed, man?
dont you realize?
it aint the birth of christ, or the roll of a dice.
its all inevitable now.
whether you choose to stand, or choose to bow.
its all inevitable now.
oh wow,
its all inevitable now.
id hate to be in your shoes.
id hate to be in your goddamn shoes.