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I’ll always be alone
I’m pretty and men don’t like that
And no matter how hard
I try to go unnoticed
My mouth runs on
I’m a talker
I smile
I laugh
I enjoy conversations with
Wo and man
I’m social
dreaming to think
People will look at me
As a person not -pussy
That a man can trust me
That a man can look at other women
Without fucking them.

I’m enough for u
I would know

The comfort level of men
Who love me takes a dive
How can she smile?
Laugh what was it
Humph I wish I were man
Because then I wouldn’t be
Pretty and "vulnerable"
I’d have a dick and
Dick is less tempting.

Women are plastered all over magazines
We are your desire
Your lust your sex
You’re bet your necessity
You pleaders your needers
We have become your whores.

I wish my pussy would seal
my tits would fall off
and my face
turn twisted
and far from fair
Would u trust me then?