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jack n cokes

Posted to Action Poetry

jack n coke
jack n coke
jack n coke
jack n coke
jack n coke

a nice conversation
some compliments
from a lovely one, no one really.

then i saw her, her.
with. another. guy.

and all this time
she'd given promises, touches, kisses,
told me she was falling

and i had just used it to repair my broken confidence,
ruined after the horrible evil bitch,
regardless of my own intentions (nothing) (jerk)

and i thought i was

but all

i'm a wreck again

stupid man
apparently tough
apparently so together
apparently so calm and confident

reduced to soap opera dramas
and pathetic jealousy

over some damn woman
who isn't the one anyway...

she's a wonderful someone
who you'd been using
for your own ego boost.

the tables turn
and i learn a tough lesson
while wasted on good ole
jack n cokes.

time for bed.