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some brutal tough stuff that i'm gettin really sick of

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after an overkill of beat stuff from jack and william and allen and hunter and kesey and all that, i'd reduced myself to numbing mind candy from the sci-fi world. and was enjoying it, too. then i guilt tripped myself a few months ago to exercise the old gray matter and pick up some stimulant. so i went into a bookstore in st.thomas and picked up a bunch of hemingway, ayn rand, and james joyce. the hemingway was swallowed quickly and easily, and tasted great- snows of kilimanjero, a moveable feast. the rand is barely touched. the james joyce, "a portrait of the artist as a young man" is something i'd tried in college, years ago, and hadn't been able to swallow. this time round, i'm treating it like school, and forcing myself to learn. it's not very rewarding so far, although admittedly i'm only about forty pages in after nearly three months. joyce takes me about a day per page, with full concentration and research. should i be having this much trouble? does it become rewarding? am i a dunce? i always got good grades, so what the hell? why is this so damn difficult?!?! some enlightenment please. thanks.

oh yeah, i'm also reading a zig zigler sales manual, and a few spiderman comic books. oh, and also a really cool spiritual book called "peace is every step" by thich nat han, a vietnamese buddhist master who's pals with His Holiness The Dalai Lama.