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is that you walkin' the skies with crystalline foot patterns?

Posted to Action Poetry

on this day of red against
black and clear diamond spaces
your words spontaneously appeared
to ask for litkick chix to come and hither you.
how i remember your skywalking days
with your words of cosmic completeness
for that girl,
the one whose constellation
laid right at your hip.
how i remember the way
midnight navy blue reflected
on the skin of your words
and there you were walking
on a crystalline path
of diamond shaped glory saying,
sing with me
so the valentine
will become
all that
i know it can be.

have you been looking in the skies? right by the hip of your lukegordonwalkingskywilson constellation? i think she's there. wait for a spring-like day to look at 12:13am. i think you'll see something way way way up there. even through fog.

i think...