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The U.S. DEA is at it again...

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According to Time magazine (2/18/02):

"Drug Enforcement Agency, beginning next month, will begin enforcing a new rule treating foods that contain 'any amount of' THC (even nonpsychoactive amounts) as controlled substances, making them as restricted as heroin."

Now I ask: "What is the paranoia in the 'Land of the Free' towards natures most versatile herb? A plant that will grow in abundance almost anywhere? A plant that has proven to have vast uses other than 'copping a buzz?' A plant that requires no insecticides or fungicides to grow?"

With the new $19.2 BILLION budget that has been given to the DEA (up from $3.1 BILLION in 1982), this has become a tool to try and fully eradicate the presence of cannabis sativa from our lands, as hemp threatens the American Capitalist System. This obviously is a war supported by our Corporate Leaders who strongly influence our government thru their tentacles of lobbyists.

This new showdown by the DEA will prohibit ANY level of THC from being sold within the borders of the U.S., including such harmless things as hemp flour and hemp oils, i.e., an absolute ban on any hemp food product.

Let us continue to praise loudly our wunderboy, George W., and the great job he is doing for this country!