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a veritable valentines poem (4U)

Posted to Action Poetry

once a guy in a bar
full of drunks offered
me his motorcycle in
exchange for you
(as if i owned you
or something)
& for a second there
i gave it some thought.

there's nothing like
the feel of the wind
full against the face
roaring 80 mph down
the asphalt ribbons
of america, the sunset
behind, a two-wheeled
shadow passing over
hard pavement, broken
white lines shooting past
like blurry bullets.

but then again, there's
nothing like a barbados sunset
a maui morning, the salty
san francisco waterfront,
melrose street in l.a., the
solitary tropical islands of
the bahamas, grand florida
palatial hotels, great silent
national forest campsites,
the utter madness of a
put-in-bay weekend, the
energy of lake chatauqua,
even the casa linda with
hookers & junkies or a
tacky las vegas italian
restaurant with bad wine
& an accordian player.

there are three tiny
comedians still asleep
upstairs while you're
downstairs looking for
your keys & shoes,
yeah, once a drunk
guy offered up his
Harley in exchange
for you, but i turned
him down, & in the
long run no doubt
i got the better end
of that crazy deal

-- markk