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reflected image of you

Posted to Poetry

I look at you when you can’t see me
When you’re talking to all those people I’m jealous on
For being near you
And I’m afraid someday they’ll see you
Like I do.

I hear your voice
And I still wonder how you took the filth in me
And melted it into a song
Which you began to sing
And one day I was no longer myself.

I told you to leave yesterday
I did the same today
But you kept singing your song
And scaring away my pain
Where did the fear go?

Maybe one day the ones you’re talking to
Will make you see
That what you sing is just the beauty in you
Born out of the silent tears
Those green eyes I love never shed.

How come you can’t see the failure inside?
No, don’t look at me
Please, don’t call me by my dreaded name
You’ll only make me feel so loved once more
Remember the sweet flavour of the last cigarette we shared

… And realize how utterly beautiful you are.