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I can understand...

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where you are coming from, with your job being what it is. And as you know there are so many more dangerously addictive substances 'out there' that the weed is pretty inconsequential.

Brings me to another point: U.S. drug companies... now there is a peculiar corporation. How do so many of their 'products' end up on the street? I never hear of any grand thefts going on regarding their wares. And I certainly would think that there would be a very closely monitored distribution system in play when they send out their shit to suppliers, wouldn't you? But no, their shit is just floating around the streets at inflated prices, gobbled down like Trix to ignorant street urchins that have no self-esteem, totally without a clue as to what they are ingesting. If anyone is to blame for that epidemic, it certainly would be the Drug Corporation. But their lobbyists are way too powerful 'on the hill'... doncha think?

Canada and many Europen countries have seemingly taken a free-er attitude towards weed, while U.S is still blithering around at the whims of the religious right. That is the real criminal activity, IMHO.