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twenty two

Posted to Action Poetry

this is not what i imagined
when i was six and my best friend asked me
if i could be any age in the world
what one would i pick
i chose this age
i chose twenty two
and here i am
almost in the middle
of my dreamed perfect year
and what am i anyway
am i anything close
to the girl i wanted
i've got ten bucks
and a pair of worn out jeans
flyaway hair
and a spiralling brain
wells of uncried tears
and a taped-together heart
dirty mind
and christian guilt
used up batteries
terrible cds
credit card bills
silk flowers
plastic cups
a scar on my knee
teeth corralled into straightness
a mole under my left eyebrow
miles of laughter
a jar of seashells
too much to say
and no words to say it with
i am twenty two
this is what i wanted
this is what i did not want
this is everything
and this is not even close
this is me
and this isn't