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for my bro

Posted to Poetry

watch my spirit shine through my skin
wandering around me then back in again
it just wanted a peak of life on the outside
until it saw how bad it was and went back into hide
many things i’ve tried in my years here
many places seen and many sounds my ears hear
none have been more important than another
except for words that come from a brother
they hit the deepest nerves in my mind
thoughts about sharing and caring and being kind
you’ve taught me more than i thought i’d ever learn
everything i do is for your respect to earn
we’ve each said things that made our souls burn
but we were able to work it out in turn
life holds more in store for us to explore
helping you out was never a chore
when i told you something you could tell me more
and i can’t thank you enough
for all of this stuff cause it means a lot,
and coming from someone else it would not.