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Okay here's a "self-actualizing" excercise I heard on Frasier last night that I decided to do for myself. Let's see what you guys come up with.

Write your own obituary as you would like to see it. This is supposed to help you to put perspective on your goals and see what's really important in the BIG PICTURE.

Whaddaya think? Here's mine...

Vaselina Glamatron

A lifelong dancer and artist who was never afraid to explore a new realm.
Loving mother and tender of Big Fish.
She loved to stay at home breaking glass and playing in the dirt.
She and her Fish eventually retired somewhere in Europe, to live out her days drinking really sweet creamy coffee and really excellent port wine.
Vaselina died peacefully while dancing in the middle of the street and wearing a tight red dress on a Sunday. Her mother is quite upset with her.

But the Fish understands completely.

Greasing the wheels of poetic justice,