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S.S. Noble

Posted to Poetry

the sea and the ship
were once in tune.
we worked hard while the captain drank gin
-while the captain wrote in his journal
of the things he would discover
of the wealth the king was sure to hand over.
and we worked hard.

one night, as i was asleep
-as i dreamt of going homeward,
there was sounds in the bowels
sounds beyond recognition
sounds only heard in hades.

and so i rose, and walked to the deck
and so i rose, and saw the captain and his trusty men.
and i asked them "Oh Captain, My Captain, what does wrong
our ship?"
go to sleep, young sailor,
go to sleep young man

and i trusted my captain, and he told me we were fine.
and he promised wealth for my work, he promised every dime.

and it wasnt until we all awoke
and it wasnt until the water was in our beds
that i looked from the crows nest
and saw the captains head.
oh captain, my captain,
and his trust men.
were all in a safeboat, headed for land.
and the mast began to crack,
and the starboard bow was sinking.
our hopes grew dim.
and we all perished,
except for my captain, and his trusty men.