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your deserts, new mexico

Posted to Poetry

take a picture of the sunset
with an old camera
black and white.
take a picture of us
at night
with an old camera, make sure we have some light.

from Abeliene to Phoenix, we rode in our truck
and we stopped for the night on the side of the road.
with jackrabbits and antalope to keep us company.

your deserts, new mexico
theres nothing quite like them.
your deserts, chihuaua,
they remind me of a lover
a first lover and the way she held me when we were done.
and the sun always shine and the cactus are brutal.

your deserts, new mexico,
you pueblo and navajo pride
and your chili con carne
and your love of life.
it all hits us,
all at night
on the side of the road,
in the middle of your land
like a horned toad
reading physics, and trying to understand.

oh your deserts, new mexico, how they are inspiring.
they never change,
they never stay the same.