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i love

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i just love my ferlinghetti!!!!
corso gets my mind so ready -
ginsburg (when he isn't chasing
little boys) gets my head racing,
kerouac's the king of cool
and one day i will go to school
to read some more ken kesey or
some burroughs, who is so adored,
but novalark, you are so sweet,
since i am, too, a little beat...
been beat up hit by life's damn story,
tried to ride it out to glory,
wrote my soul in blood on paper
while my truths went up in vapor,
free verse scrawled like wisdom talking
took my spirit offf, then walking
with myself through streets of crime
and dammit!!!! now i'm spewing rhyme!!
imagine that! i think ive lost it...
had the beat and then i tossed it
out the window, heart was drumming
and i never felt it cumming...
beat me up myself i've done it
like a spider web, i've spun it,
trapped myself inside my doing,
now i'm beat again, eschewing
nonsense verse from here, my seat is
staring blank....... that's what my beat is....