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spirit in machines

Posted to Poetry

staring at this soul vessel
cold plastic silicon buzz
a hand holds the mouse
swirling ID's of the spirit
buzz by stop. buzz

a Vandal a Visigoth
witches, harlots madmen, idiots
all roads lead to Rome
trudge this path

there is someone using me
there usually is twirling 'information,' digital tape around the pole.
the first day in May flowers thrown petals rip
that black tape twirling over my eyes my mouth

and you are all somewhere in this springtime mess
singing out digging in your feet damp ground
breath leaves your soft machinery through the plastic
it pillows up it engulfs the pole, the tape

a phantom forms from the breath of hearts far away
spirit observes this cruel dance the phantom buzzes by
through the machinery it breathes our breath
information swirled for the spirit