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My Phony Valentine (to the tune of sinatra's My Funny Valentine)

Posted to Action Poetry

(written last year as a collaberation with a poet friend of mine, sir Balladeer..... hehe)


My phony Valentine
Cruel, phony Valentine
You make me cringe with disgust
Your lines are just a joke
That make me gag and choke
I'm just a victim of your lust

Are your words all lies you speak?
All your phoniness is weak!
They're just lines that smell and reek...
Are you dumb?


Don't waste your drool on me
Or try to fool on me
Scram, phony Valentine....scoot
Or feel my valentine boot!

Would you like a real critique?
I think you're a little geek,
When you use your vile technique!
Are you dense?


Why don't you hit the road?
I'm tired of kissing toads...
Go, phony Valentine....go!
Pack up your fantasy show.