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i'll fret anew, man... hehe

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what, me worry?


no i didn't but don't you sometimes think when watching president bush on TV that he looks a lot like alfred e. newman smirking? just wondering... it hits me like that sometimes... i want to paint freckles on him *shrug*


and WHAT IS the definition of MAD? have we ALL gone mad?? who is the superman who will rid the world of evil?? my god!!!! is it....... uh oh.... is it..... the masked intruder coming out with a desperado approach? or the folks developing software? or the hair of the frigging mutt that bit you in the butt? who is doing this cartooning?? who holds the pen and who has access to the storyboard?

aha!!! you don't KNOW, do you??? well..... then... all i can say is.....

happy valentine's day, my friend..... *wink*

i hope you have or find all the love truth happiness joy and peace you so well deserve

and btw, i answered the lunch question... lol... and i took myself out today, had a spinach salad and a glass of white wine and took NOTES... more notes!! dammit!! more poetry that will never be written... hehehehe

MAD you say??? ha!!! so what!!! i will and CAN be mad if i want to but let's just kiss and make up and forget about all that, ok? rofl


and now... for the finale of this very weak empty silly post, i shall play the ORIGINAL virgin... er... version... of old blue eyes......

and sigh as i listen... because i only have eyes for you, embraceable you, and it's a quarter to three, there's no-one in this place but just you and me...

my parent's music... dad taught me to love it all and the jazz, too so call me mad if you will and even if you won't because i'm just over here listening ........


do you hear that noise???

that's beautiful isn't it.....

the silence before the music..... here it comes

"you'll never know it but buddy i'm a kind of poet and i've got a lot of things i've got to say/ and if i'm gloomy please listen to me, till it's talked away....... well that's how it goes and joe i know you're getting anxious to close.... anyway thanks for the cheer, i hope you didn't mind my bending your ear... but this torch that i found .. it's gotta be drowned or it's gonna explode... make it one for my baby and another for the road... the long... the damn long.. it's so long....."