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it may open your mind!

I mean, he fed the multitudes with two fish and a loaf of bread, he turned the water into wine - hell, no wonder he had so many followers. Hell, I'll listen to anybody as long as they'er buying the drinks and it comes with an open buffet.

Now myself, I confess I have been a frequent worshiper at The Holy Cathedral of the Eternal Last Call.

Christ said,"My blood is the wine."

this might lead one to the conclusion that the Antichrist's blood is ...... non-alcholic -

I don't know but I'd like to find
that in heaven you can drink wine all the time
but i'm so lost, have pity on me
I can't find a drink down in New Orleans
So Mercy Me Oh Mercy My
I wanna go to heaven lord, 'fore I die.

Maybe thats why God did'nt take the call when Christ called to him from the cross. He had'nt had his morning coffee.
There was no Starbucks. Yet.

God says
"I sent you down there with a pretty basic message: Quit your job, drink some wine, be nice to each other." The next thing I know they are nailing you on a cross, then everyboby's wearing some model of that cross around their neck -- nobody wants to take a drink --- and nobody wants to take the day off.
" if I can't get them to listen to that how can I get them to listen to anything? But i'll say again:

" The wine is my blood, relax, take it easy. Have a glass or two ..... if you don't want to be a fundamemtalist about it -- an umbrella drink is nice also.

" But whatever you do, don't commit the blasphemy of ordering that non-alcholic beer."