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one thoughtless walk down a winding wooded path could relieve me of some uptightness,
one blinding light burning into my eye with the sun’s brightness,
could make me see the real side of things.
i might not think answers lie in my own mind
but they probably do if i could find the time to search,
but it’s alright.
my mind is bogged down by useless force fed information ,
it was intended to do good, but resulted only in desecration,
the same thing that helps subdue most of the nation.
information superhighways and horseshit interstates bring us our knowledge,
the book is virtually extinct.
gotta meet the quota for empty minds this year,
try to learn a little extra, find more things to fear.
but it’s alright.
we can’t complain.
all of this will die, and we’ll be born again.