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release, talk peace, forget your lease and think
you’re on the brink, of enlightenment,
it’s not about the money that you’ve spent
or the place that you’ve been.
it takes a long while
starting as a child
listening to your parents talk.
trying to retain everything you see written in chalk.
take a walk,
smell the air, tap a snare and make a beat
start it with your feet, move it to the street and be seen,
let your friends on you lean,
don’t fall into the machine.
when it comes,
and becomes,
what you are and what you started from.
it’s not you, it’s you in their view.
you know it,
try not to show it,
don’t blow it, the Main Thing,
with the message that it brings,
of all types of things.
and ways, the feeling will stay,
if you relax and let your mind see the way
your body doesn’t want to go,
gotta make it though.
so if you know,
what isn’t known,
let your method be shown and we can all go home.