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catatonic 'til tomorrow

Posted to Poetry

it all gets smaller and smaller
and i grow older and older.
im becomming my father, whether i like it or not.

and i swear to god
i saw a man who had built himself out of a refrigerator
that way he didnt have to get up to grab a beer while watching the t.v.

ive got one eye on my stock broker
and the other at the sky
i dont know why,
but i swear to christ the sky is falling.
chicken little
chicken little

but dont you worry
cause you dont know
that all the truth in the world
is covered by snow......
i can feel the chill
in the air, through my nose.
i know,
like THE sunken ship in the sea
like a spool of yarn in a tree
like a ms. in a bottle
like his message blowin in the wind,
like the record that they never spin,
i know........
life was much easier when i was just like all of you.