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post this..... as lame and comical as it is.....

The day they laid her in the ground......

The day they laid her in the ground,
The family there, in group around
The casket topped with wreaths of hue,
More flowers than she ever knew.
They spoke in whispers, solemn tears
Remembering her struggling years.
And someone stood to read some verse
She'd written, though without rehearse.

Someone said, as if the Truth
Had pierced his heart and took her youth,
"She wanted Love. That's all. That's all."
And someone nodded, "I recall."
Another person whispered this,
"I heard she tried too hard, remiss
In all success! Each time she failed!
So sad, " she said, "She ne'er prevailed."

And as they spoke, they analyzed,
And seemed to be quite tantalized
By how she lie there motionless,
Her tears no more, emotionless.
They spoke of how she gave her heart
In bits and pieces, part by part
Until there was an empty void
Inside her chest, all hope destroyed.

"She gave it all. I witnessed it."
One said, "She oft' insisted it,
And yet, her breast is empty now,
She tried too hard, that I avow."

She laid there waiting for the Peace
While someone wrote a press release.
"Today," it said, "a poet died
With several standing by her side.
She had no heart. An empty chest,"
Continued ink released by press,
"The medical community
Sees this as opportunity
To research this phenomenon
Of how a heart once there is gone!"

Her son just stood there, shook his head
To see his mother lying dead.
"She wanted Love. That's all," he said.
Then mentioned how she'd look ahead
To dreams and plans and written verse.
"She wanted Love in full immerse.
The problem, though, she wasn't smart,
She gave away her total heart.
She tried too hard and now she's gone.
She has no heart to live upon."

Her daughter first stood silently
And leaning up against a tree,
She fin'lly spoke out to the press.
"Leave us alone! She needs her rest.
She taught me that to find Love True,
A full heart given must ensue.
And even though she isn't here,
I'll do the same! I will adhere
To all my mother taught me, since
It all was true! I am convinced!
True Love can't come when giving small.
To reap True Love, you must give all!
And even though she's gone from us.
I'll live like her because I must!"

They all looked over at the ground
Where family had gathered 'round
And saw her lowered in the grave
And felt a surge of tidal wave
Pull on their souls, as they said bye,
Then someone spoke, "I wonder why?
Her giving-all philosophy
Seems wonderf'lly astute to me!
I'm sure most people will concur.
I wonder why it failed for her!"

Each word she wrote, each stanza, line,
Was fashioned after the design
Of giving all and finding Love
But now she passed on to above
And God took her within his heart
So finally she felt a part
Of Love that's Real, through empty chest,
As if her life were just a test.

"She Tried Too Hard," the tombstone read.
"She Wanted Love," above her head.
And someone whispered through their tear,

"I guess she's finally found it here"