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28 plaguerizing students, a shoddy light rail proposal, diluted cancer drug

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s, and one hell of a scary ice storm!

Science teacher set a project before her students worth most of their final grade. Field notebooks, samples and a formal research paper to be handed in.
Teacher suspects then confirms that 28 of her students had plaguerized. She flunked their projects, thus flunking them in the class.....
School board overturned her decision. Now it's going to the supreme court.
As always Kansas City petitioners propose a light rail system connecting the hub of the citiy, and other various areas of interest to far outlying suburbs...traffic sucks, but so does the proposal. We need a solution but everyone around here's not quite bright enough to come up with one that supports all city governments and what not...yadda yadda yadda...
Robert Courtney, local pharmacist sells diluted liquid cancer treatment drugs to cancer victims and their families and doctors. Slime ball.
Crack whores on main street, and one helluva an ice storm that shut down most of the city for almost a week........75% of all Kansas Citians lost power for that week....