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Detroit Short Poems (comments welcome)

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I carry
the bulk of my future
over my shoulder
not knowing
what the heavy cloth sack
might contain

my grandmother's
old wood-carving of
Don Quixote
greets me like
pot-bellied warrior
he has
no idea what
his painted eyes have seen
how many women
have passed him

the burner for tea
is as close
as I get to campfire
these days
I warm my hands
by it and breathe in
its smoke

a wise person lives
in forgiveness
is worth
former miseries

I may not
sleep tonight
or complete
my studies
as planned
and I don't
have a lover yet
but at least
there's steam rising
from my cup of tea

I may blush
when I see you
don't think that
I'm so easy
to surprise
that you don't
have to try harder

my soft
guitar playing
my roommate
he doesn't know
I can't sleep

a poem is like
opening my eyes
to find it all
still there

the university
I find
a new vernacular
for what
children seem to know

from a distance
thr sound of
highway traffic
and flows like
an ocean

this plant
has seen better days
its blades drop
to the soil
that remembers it
better than
its owner does

I might forget
your name
after enough
time has passed
but don't worry
I'll always remember
if I liked you
or not

at four
I will begin to do
my reading
I will have fineshed
in time to see
the sun rise
the medical center
and wipe
the frost from my car
to move it
to another lot
behind the apartment
where the cats
make love
and my neighbors
throw bricks at them

the river is
too far
to see from here
the red light
on the radio tower is
just in vies
outside my window

last summer is
as near as
the leaves which grew
on the barren trees
outside my window