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Wanted to put this up at the top where you'd see it. Hope you're feeling better after your panic attack yesterday! I have a good friend who's been having them for.... wow, about six years now. I've talked her through some over the phone and in person, so I know a thing or two about them. Symptoms are obsessive thoughts about dying or bad things happening, your heart racing, shortness of breath, feeling unable to swallow, and, in really bad ones, feeling like you've left your body. Sound familiar? Going to a doctor is the most important thing for you to do, since you could have some sort of chemical imbalance that can be treated with medication. My friend is on Paxil, and also something else with a name I can't remember since she's been recently diagnosed as bi-polar. I do have to stress the importance of telling either your medical doctor or preferably a therapist. Even if panic attacks happen infrequently, they're still a problem. It's sometimes difficult to accept that anxiety (along with other problems, I've dealth with depression for a long time now) is out of your control. It is something which happens TO you, not that you caused or can avoid by just trying harder, even though it feels like your own thoughts. You did mention not feeling like yourself in one of your posts, and that's very true. Medication will help you to not feel like that.

Again, I hope that you feel better today! Anytime you'd like to talk post a message here or email me directly. I'm a good listener. :)