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to my valentine

Posted to Action Poetry

in my bed
the perfection
of thornless sterling roses
with petals on pillows
echo the softness of your voice
in their sheer lavender skin.
the hush and sssshhh
as i lay you
in this bed of petals
holding your beautiful skin in pale light
shedding your coverings
tiny bit
by tiny bit.
soft pink light licks your face
as you lay naked--
brown against beautiful slight purple
and i stare.
awed by the existence of someone so...
beauty exudes from your body.
i am merely a shadow above you,
watching your silhouette reach out for me,
feeling your hands scatter rose petals
like confetti
over this flawed and unimportant red head.
i see you there
filling so much space that existed before.
a red cardinal riding the wings of black midnight,
laying on a bed of sterling rose petals
and i'm yours.

i adore you...happy valentine's day.