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The man who said that today we must love each other

Posted to Poetry

I wish I could find the person who said
That today we must love each other.

"We must hold hands
Cos hundred of red roses have been cut
For us.

We must make love
Cos the shops are filled with heart shaped shit
For us.

We must buy red roses and heart shaped shit
Cos otherwise how could we know how much our love is worth?"

Baby, they bought red roses and heart shaped shit
They held hands on the street
They seemed happy
And they were happy
Because today
They were remembered to love.

Baby, I walked 14 streets
I saw 14 cats lying in the sun
I passed by 14 shops
And encountered just as many flower stands
But I didn’t get you anything,
Not even a postcard
One of those coloured ones
You liked last year.

Baby, make me understand
Why do they want to tag
The taste of your skin
So soft
Under my lips
The look in your eyes
As I touch you
The shiver running down your spine
As my tongue caresses you.

I won’t buy you anything
Not even a toothbrush
If people are so different
Then why the fuck should we fuck at the same time?

Tomorrow the streets will all the same
Today may be the 14, but tomorrow’s the 15
People won’t be obliged to love each other anymore
And another year will have to pass
Till the next International Commercial Celebration of Those who Find the Time to Fuck.

Don’t worry, baby
I’ll buy you the toothbrush tomorrow
And on the 16th I’ll still be holding your hand
And kissing your soul
Praising the darkness inside.

I promise that right after I stop looking
For the one who said that
Today we must love each other
I’ll let the dark blood running through my veins
Whisper all the words
You need not say.

But for now,
I’m still looking
I need to find him
To let him know
I won’t fake love.

He can turn me to dust
Or blind me
Or deafen me
But I won’t fake love.

He may make me smile
Or curse me
But I just won’t fake love.

Baby, can you tell that man
I can’t fake love?

I’m too much of a fake already.