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wordjam in valentine red

Posted to Action Poetry

when you said to me
let's paint the town red
i didn't know you meant
valentines day red, a
red of contrivances,
rounded heart icons
that when inverted
look like the curvature
of a rodin ass, the
maze of contemplations
i traverse on a daily basis,
contradictions beset
with subtle nuances,
the red rainbows of
north court st. arc
in half-moon over
restaurants with
red organic plates
of food, boutiques
selling red cards, the
hospital with its
fangs extracting
blood like a payout,
like a bad debt &
when we boldly walk
these sidewalk slabs
as if a red carpet
is rolled out just
for us, there is
a time when you
& i have no thoughts
other than those that
we perceive in these
rough-edged tints
of red, ever-brightening
cannisters of holy red