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no more jello, mom

Posted to Action Poetry

all ingredients tart, sweet or crusty
all boxes of every shape and wonder
pale, blind - humble in the dark
behind the wood panelled doors
sitting on the shelf
an insect stomach mind
comes of the daddy-o
how comes the insect to its fur?
the sniff smelling rodent claws
that comes to liberate the cake
feed me now the cleansing crumbs
the quisp
the quake
the captain of my crunch
the toucan smiling sam
the butter of my worth
jemimah jive
flips my flapjack soul
burns the betty of my crocker
seals the sorry charlie
of my tin can fate
am I an insect blind
dumb and torrid
milksick in the heart
jello'd in the brain
I tremble at the
of orange meat
that is my head
this food of eden
this goo of goo goo clusters
I push my plate away
no more jello, mom
no more candy hearts
spare me the duncan hines
spare me the ice cream cake
just let me be
your skinny valentine