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Thank You!

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leahw, this has been the first time we have actually talked to each othera nd i thnak you greatly for dedicating a post for me! i must say that i am flattered that you were so nice as to explain what could be causing my anxiety attacks. i went to my doctor yesterday and i took some tests to determine what is going on with me. i was scared about the results and i called today to find out what was going on. he told me that everything came back fine! the hormonal tests are not back yet from the lab but he definitely thnks i should go see a doctor who specializes in women's health to determine what is wrong with me becuase he belives that it may be a hormonal inbalance that is causing all of these things.
upon knowing that i was healthy in all other aspects, i felt like the world was mine again and my nervousness, jitteriness and fatigue went away! i feel wonderful! i can breathe again !
im so happy!
thank you once again leahw. for being so nice! i hope to speak to you soon!