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i have just finished all of your responses to my desperate post forma few days back. thank you all for worrying about me and giving me very good advice.
yesterday i went to the doctor and took some tests. i was so nervous but my boyfriend (i love that boy) helped me through it. today, nervous as i was, i called the doctor to ask about the results. i am fine!!! however, my doctor (who is a pediatrician--i know, i am 19 and still seeinga pediatrician) believes there may be somthing hormonal causing my panic attacks and referred me to a doctor who knows more about this. as soon as i knew that i was okay from everything else i wanted to cry ! all of my symptoms dissapeared and i havnt been this happy in a long time.
ahh i can breathe again........
and today i am going to a dance/party at my bestfriends school so i am going to celebrate by getting down with bad self!! woo hooo!!
happy happy joy joy