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I do declare..!

Posted to Action Poetry

she wanted a poem today
one straight from the heart
a declaration of my love
hand written in crimson red
and it took all i had
to just get up outta bed

i fixed the coffee
fresh and steamin hot
prepared just the way she likes

i gave her a kiss
and told her i loved her
but there was no card
no boxes of chocolate
no sweetness filling the air
just me in my blue robe
hanging around barefooted
writing haikus of loveless days
saved for better moments
when weekends make for weak ends

knees givin out
from the passion
exploding in waves
ecstacy in three part harmony
licking the softness
that surrounds her

kissing her lips
kissing her everything
sucking her tongue
sucking her everything
touching her smiling cheeks
touching her everything

but today is thursday
and it just aint in my card
not today baby
but please know
that i do love you
more than yesterday
but not more than tomorrow

now that may not be original
but i just cant let hallmark
speak those goopy words
that are grabbed off the shelf
at ten thirty p.m. 2/13/02...
that just would never do....

so trust me as you alway have
and let me love you today
without all the commericials
without all the comparisons
without all the reminders
that we do not need
to say 'i love you'

just a hug
just for now
just a kiss
just for now
just a smile
just for now
just a twinkle
just for now

for you know
and i do too