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my skinny valentine

Posted to Action Poetry

dedicated to ms. judih, the lover of all us kickout beatcasts

i am your rooster boy, today
your methylated spirit
manacled to the folly
of a lovesick brain
pouring crimson icicles
into a heart-shaped fire
to watch them melt
and mix the mixture
into fiery wine
bitter and sweet
your tongue it tastes
enter and twined in mine
let's drink that naked dance
let's dance the lotus mambo
my calendar for you today
is marked in big red letters
the letters
begin with L
and end with ove
you, my nighttime dreamer
you light the lanterns of my alter
so i can see the tomato hearts
the parts of you inside
you grew in midnight gardens
sweet and bitter
sparkling in the dark
with you
love is a small green parrot
a bowl passed round at a banquet
today, i am your rooster boy
can't you hear me hollar?