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Lolita goes off to summer camp, and the marriage occurs while she is away, but before she returns her mother discovers Humbert's private journal. After reading of Humbert's disgust for her and lust for Lolita, Charlotte goes insane, telling Humbert that he will never see Lolita again. She runs out into the street to mail a letter to Lolita about Humbert's sick intentions, but she is suddenly hit and killed by a car.

Soon afterwards, Humbert goes to fetch Lolita from camp, although he tells her that her mother is only in the hospital. They go to a hotel for the night, where they have sex for the first time and become lovers. Humbert later tells Lolita that her mother is dead, and they begin a year-long driving tour that takes them to almost all 48 contiguous states. They see hundreds of attractions everywhere, all the while continuing their affair.

After a year, they move to Lolita's hometown, Beardsley, where Humbert enrolls Lolita in a private girls school that stresses social interaction with males above academics. Humbert, however, quickly becomes paranoid and jealous, fighting with Lolita frequently about her allowance and her associations with boys her age. Eventually, Lolita mysteriously announces that she wishes to leave Beardsley and go on another long drive, to which Humbert readily consents. While touring the nation again, however, Humbert notices that they are being followed by what appears to be a detective (we later learn that it is Clare Quilty , a demented writer with an obsession for child pornography and an intense love for Lolita). Suddenly, Lolita completely vanishes, leaving Humbert all alone. We learn at the end of the novel that she has gone off with Clare Quilty.