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buzzed poem

Posted to Action Poetry

beer on an empty stomach
makes my head feel light
and i've started wearing
my glasses again, in a
somewhat vain attempt to
stop the chronic headaches
and so i am staring at
the slightly tilted world
through pieces of glass
and i feel disconnected
like i'm listening to life
happen while i sit in
another room and so why
i am sitting here doing
this at this moment i
don't quite know except
now is as good a time as
any right and today is
thursday february fourteenth
two thousand and two and
i've got seventyfive cents
and i'm running out of cigarettes
and my brain keeps wandering
over to the month of march
when spring will bring me
kisses and longer days and
i should just stop this right
because i really have too much
to say and that can get dangerous
too dangerous if i said what
i really thought with these
words of mine that i poke
and prod and play games with
in order to give out pieces of
my heart and to keep my heart to
myself and what exactly is my
point anyway except that beer
on an empty stomach makes my
head feel light and the glasses
aren't helping me see so why
do i even bother tell me