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To whom it may concern

Posted to Action Poetry

I can take you just like that
and you wouldn’t even know
may be in your dreams
you might get the slightest hint
which you’ll readily dismiss
once you wake up.
I assure you there is no such thing
as mutual consent,
once I have taken you into my world
through the means of my psyche
here my relentless imagination
will make you do as I choose
tease you and striptease you
If that may be the case.
It hardly is so trivial
as titillating myself
at your expense
even in the eye of my mind
I can be gentle in this ruthless
task of taking you
of possessing you.
Be assured you’ll have
all the breathing space you want
you’ll have total freedom
like you never thought possible
If you ever shed tears
they will be tears of joy
and you’ll have them
pouring rampant
throughout my lucid dreams.
The thing is you’ll never know
how come my name triggers
the fondest memories in you
how come the distant image
of someone so remote as me
whom you have hardly met
hits such a deep spot in you.
You’ll never guess
in your wildest imagination
that just a short poem you wrote
just those few words you scribbled
and just the place you touched
got you into all this double life
the one that you breathe
and the other that I have.