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Red Hot Desire!

Posted to Poetry

goodness....sweet sweet

goodness of life
stretched to the limit
love rubber-banding
long pull
my memory leads me
leashed to that one image
that image
of her.....fucking, her....

she spilled my concentration
across the tablecloth
that which once lay
sheet of pure white
now tiedyed in rainbows
-psychedlic eyes

perched upon the beauty
one table right

blonde hair
so very soft

her complexion
non finer could be dreamed

she pointed her out to me
i had to look - she knows

and there she sat

i was lead to believe her legs
were stunning sculptures of flesh

eros aroused - bowstring pulled tight
the straight and arrow must sail

unbound across the room,
it is the memory
ony the memory
that lingers of what was

totally there
at the moment
some sort of
vargas pinup

what ? what?
yes. yes.

beauty is to behold
on a valentines night

her eyes brought me back
and those memories...!!!
that times the two
discovering country
discovering ourselves
and the possiblilty of one

but it was that growth
that marvelous union
of two in love
that stole old dreams
and sold them to cheap pawns
on dirty street corners
littered with poems
that never captured reality
as we beheld the joy of love

and laffed we did
as we crossed the land
had in hand
we drove across the hiways
westerly was our direction


san fran

'the city' as we obediately called her
a homage that was called for
came in riddles of disbelief
for these streets crossed
corners with a rich history
thick with a uniqueness
that burned into ones memory

tattooed across the chest
"i must cec'"