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Ladders to Blue Skies

Posted to Action Poetry

Cigar smoke
in the gallery
doin' panta's -creation
and doreen's -
beat.....steve on my udu drum
we ran it thru twice
papillon's -the Fusion
did it once and came back around and turned it upside down to the middle and back to the end.......steve on the guitar
playing sweet strains
read my firehouse stuff
mosly written on the run
footing it all over baltimore town
on sunday...freedom day
in the big one world brown writing chair,
perhaps you been there?
poetry and music tonight
a lil echo harp on the side
and i played the drum
hands healed from trauma
sunday night circle reggae jam
4 hours straight hard udu playin'
power.....movin'unified rhythm machine
fittin organ grindin'reggae harp sounds in
then pickin' up the beat and takin' the drum
to the bang-bang ceramic ringing limits of the
upper end...pushin...pushin....hurt?????
disappearing and anguish vanquished
in the unifying group beat....
making the ladies dance we was
and the smiles
the pool balls beatin out the break...(((BAM)))
takin me back to a different
watering hole sushi eatin pool shootin time
caught in a teckla bohemian rhapsody
red snapper and the MC5
akiras who needs amsterdam when
ya got sowebo
lil paris by the bay
gulls swoopin and swirlin
on their merry way
me on the first of a 4 night play
no. 1 winding down rested and writing it down afrocelt on
the cd robert plant and tribal drums
got a bobby womack tape at the royal farms
now that's enlightment
happy valentines day bought myself a haitian painting at the opening tonight a conga player and dancin' nude goddess
to her which i dedicated the fall
and to her i spent the holidays and to her i call the law
and to her that i make cry
and to her i resume our blood ties
this confusion multiplies
and in the morning once again
i will rise and drink the sunrise
say yahoo and never feel the mucho frijo
trabajo tranqilo
beneath the stars under this whole sky
the bam boom bang
this shake rattle and roll
we perform miracles daily and they expect more mucho mas labors....we lost levi and skeeter bug this year 2
and macario he's alive,a miracle...a shell...alive
we wander and come continually to the exact same confusions
and there is no 1st no winner no nothing except the ((NOW))
get outta my way gotta make it fast home today
gotta get over pokers get the hell outta my way
all is leading to a chance to play........WIREMAN