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Songs for the sexually incurable (part one)

Posted to Poetry


Everything unite
the rests dwindles below
in deeps never entered
contractions and sudden disgust
keep away the pain
and offer stimulation
but whatever comes
keep away the pain

Candles paint love-games
on the wall
temporary art so to speak
for the shadow fades
just like love

Cherish this delicate point of pressure
kiss with all your being
for tomorrow brings loneliness
tonight is an act
of youth
Next week, another shade of grey added...


Eyes set for hatred
greedy intensions
grinding teeth
swollen faces

purple flesh in agressive motion
utterances of grotesque proportion
are flung through the room

Distorted light reflecting black spots
signs of blood on linnen
careless waste of life

A cat waits on the doorstep,
weary of the hunt,
flesh and teeth mixing:
a satisfied killer-instinct